Looking for a different perspective?

Eskin Drones provides unmanned aerial services, specializing in thermography.  Our focus industries include infrastructure inspection, search and rescue, and perimeter protection.

It’s a common misperception that thermal cameras are plug-and-play technology.  First of all, they’re not even cameras!  They are (very) sophisticated thermometers which, when configured properly, create a visual map of surface temperatures.  Unfortunately few drone pilots are trained to measure and interpret radiometric data, and without competent setup the sensor will capture inaccurate information, leading to erroneous conclusions.

A thermographer knows how to set the correct emissivity, compensate for environmental conditions, and identify false positives.  For that reason, every radiometric mission we fly is either piloted or supervised by a FLIR-certified thermographer, and our reports are created using FLIR’s own proprietary software, the only tool that can fully exploit the radiometric data.

Our dual-sensor solution puts visual and thermal sensors in the air at the same time, enabling GPS referenced thermal data and our signature dual-image overlay.  By superimposing the thermal information on a visual image, technicians can easily locate issues, accurately and intuitively.

We buy off-the-shelf whenever possible, with the objective of deploying systems that are affordable, scalable, repeatable, and replaceable.  We can train you to setup and run your own unmanned flight department, or we can be your service provider, letting you focus on your own operations.