About Us

We bring over twenty years of award-winning, complex systems management experience to the unmanned aviation industry.

In addition to extensive current and previous experience with radio control systems, Miles has over 300 hours as Pilot in Command of fixed-wing aircraft, and is a former aircraft owner.  He is a Level 1 certified Thermographer, licensed HAM, and holds a waiver from the FAA to conduct night operations.

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We engage with the community, speaking publicly, and advocating with local, state, and federal elected officials. Eskin Drones is a NJ Certified Small Business.

About the name:  Eskin comes from a company my father owned and operated for most of my life.  Eskin Vending & Amusements was one of New Jersey’s largest providers of vending machines, and I spent many summers and vacations working there.  Using the same name motivates me to succeed.

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